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Let us help you chart your financial success

Financial Planning

Preparing to save, invest, or track money or assets sounds easier than it really is. Our Advisors will help you organize your financial accounts and other assets for the development of a strategically prepared plan that will assist you in reaching current and future financial goals (short, intermediate or long-term).

Our team will follow through with implementation of your plan of action which has been specifically prepared and designed to help drive your desired outcome.

Financial Planning with Chesapeake Financial Strategies will strive for and help you achieve tangible and intangible goals for accumulating assets, while keeping your finances better organized prior to your retirement years.

Retirement Planning

Establishing a strategy for how you want to pay for or ultimately fund your retirement years has become more and more important, if not complex, in recent years. Our advisors will help you determine how much of your current income you will require for your retirement years. Remember, too, you might be retired longer than you were employed due to greater life expectancy, so it's important for us to make sure that you are properly positioned to not outlive your funds.

Our advisors examine and determine how inflation, various rates of return, and your total combined assets will impact your retirement goals. Also, it is essential for them to show you how taxes will shape your retirement "nest egg." Your assets may be taxed differently, like tax-qualified assets (IRAs and pension plans) versus non tax-qualified assets (CDs, savings, etc.). Therefore, it is crucial for them to determine the various types of assets you have so our advisors can effectively plan how your assets will start to flow to you.

Based on your retirement goals, our advisors will help you consider and prepare a strategy to distribute or disseminate benefits from your job/career retirement plan, investments, business, including property and equipment used for the business, specific assets, including retirement, or social security.

Retirement planning also includes focusing on what you want to do in your retirement years: focusing on your increased community involvement, setting new goals, having more time to enjoy your hobbies, traveling, or whatever you choose to do.

Wealth Management

As you mature with your financial goals and wealth accumulation, you may start to gather assets and accounts through various sources. Don, Donnie and their team will help you identify and fully understand market trends, assess current and future goals and objectives through meaningful dialogue throughout a planning process that allows them to better organize, coordinate, and monitor all accumulated assets, tangible and intangible, for the purpose of possibly taking advantage of market participation, growth and tax advantages or opportunities.

Our team will assist you in achieving the optimum balance of needs versus goals with available and/or potential future resources and capital. Our knowledge and experience will assist you in charting your course whether generating current income or planning to generate future income streams when you need or want it. We do this by utilizing progressive resources and honed skills by Don and his team through responsible, targeted and careful planning, tracking, monitoring, and evaluating the market via years of experience while utilizing the latest methods and tools of financial, retirement and asset management.

Life Changes

Many of us have heard the expression, "life happens!" Often times, it's the best way to sum up the totality of life's events. However, there are things you can do to alter the outcome of life's trials.

Here at Chesapeake Financial Strategies, we view life like a body of moving water: it is ever-changing in all aspects. Water can be still on the top surface, but still move rocks beneath; water changes with the wind, creating waves to surf; tides change its direction; movement from a paddle lapping through its calm surface creates tiny waves; and clouds change its color.

It's the change in life that we address in this section: as unpredictable as a body of water.

There are as many reasons why we are forced to "float" through life as there are when we are like waterfowl - calm on the surface, but paddling like crazy beneath the surface! Life is really all about trying to remain calm during change and having a plan of action to help us through the "rough waters" we all face during our lives.

  • Marriage is a big step for most: melding two lives into one unit, money matters to sort out, and that's just the beginning.

  • When marriage doesn't work, divorce is soon to follow - with all the perils of de-coupling property and money, as well as each other. If children are involved, the stress that ensues can often be overwhelming.

  • Remarriage, whether with or without children, can be challenging and , though exciting, has its own set of concerns and more items for consideration.

  • Job loss, which is, in these economic times, more prevalent than we could have ever imagined.

  • Life changes each of us while caring for an ill or infirmed loved one, or the death of a family member - there are so many things you need to do and think about under those circumstances and, unfortunately, thinking of yourself is usually not on your "list of things to do."

Chesapeake Financial Strategies is here for all of your life's changes, because most of them involve financial decisions, guidance, and charting a course of action, or a combination of all of them. Just as a lighthouse is the beacon mariners seek in treacherous waters and storms, you, too, can look to our professional and experienced staff to guide you to calmer waters and help take the burden of thinking (or over-thinking) your ideas and strategies to help you meet and exceed your goals.

Make it your priority to call us to schedule an appointment to further discuss your concerns and challenges. Our goal is, and always has been, to help you in any way we can. Most importantly, we want to assist you in easing or lifting the burdens that life's ever-changing events present.