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Our Clients

A majority of our clients come from referrals from existing clients. We are proud to say that many of our clients were referred by their family members. We enjoy a multi-generational client base where we assist children of our clients as well as their parents! This gives us a specialized scope of service to better support the whole family with their varied planning needs and goals. Certainly, we also welcome the opportunity to help qualified, motivated people who feel that our firm is right for them, too!

Chesapeake Financial Strategies, LLC works closely with all of our clients throughout the country and around the world. Obviously, the majority of our clients live or work within the Baltimore-Washington corridor - serving Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Our largest concentration of Small Business owners, CEOs, Presidents, and Vice Presidents of corporations are also clients in this group.

Our office also has a number of teachers, professors, and school principals as clients. Since Don worked with many educators early in his career, we truly appreciate all that they do for our communities and fully support their efforts to invest in their own futures.

Since we are located close to the federal government hub in DC, we have a large percentage of federal employees as clients. Our government employee clients know the importance of our commitment to stay updated with changes with the government retirement plans: including, but not limited to, TSP, CSRS, and FERS in the federal arena as well as local and state plans. Many of our government clients work in several areas of the government from local and state Law Enforcement to the federal levels - DEA, DOJ, FBI, ICE, to name a few. We also serve other federal Government Agency employees - EPA, GAO, Departments of Commerce, Energy, and numerous others.

As our clients have moved for career changes, job opportunities, or retirement, we have found that supporting them with outstanding service offerings is just as important as when they lived a short drive away from our office. The other states our investment clients have chosen to reside in are: Vermont, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, California, and, last, but not least, Hawaii! We are only a phone call or email away, even when miles separate us.

Chesapeake Financial Strategies prides itself on outstanding client service. We are grateful to have the ability to offer a unique relationship with our clients. We would love to have the occasion to provide that same commitment to others who seek the friendly, family-feeling atmosphere of yesteryear with our cutting-edge resources, independent advice and progressive, customized planning process.

The Lincoln Investment family of companies nor any of its representatives is affiliated with the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) or Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS); and TSP, CSRS, FERS does not sponsor, authorize or endorse the retirement educational services described in this or communications of Lincoln Investment.